Arts & Politics

Film - 9/43

- January, 2016 -

A film featuring the political struggle of the Malaysian cartoonist, Zunar facing 9 charges under the sedition act and up to 43 years of jail. Through his portrait and drawings, this film shows the contrasts between political violence, flouted freedom of expression and artistic resistance in Malaysia. The 5 minutes film was selected among the 25 best in the competition Infracourt 2016 in France, for the special issue entitled “ #mêmepaspeur” (not even afraid).

Authored by Sophie Lemière, film-director Guilhen Schwegler.

One Africa

Youssou Ndour ft. Idylle Mamba

- February, 2014 -

A song that wrote by Sophie for Peace advocacy in Central Africa, invoking the memory of Léopold Sédar Senghor for Senegalese singer Youssou Ndour and Central African icon Idylle Mbemba. Melody composed by Youssou Ndour, also former Minister of Culture of Senegal.