Let's Talk: The Malaysian Story

First Broadcast on Astro Awani

- 8 July, 2019 -

How has the Malaysian story evolved from semi-authoritarian to emerging democracy? What are the emerging dynamics from the new Malaysia politics should the stake-holders be mindful of? How will the Pakatan Harapan coalition negotiate the emergent UMNO-PAS pact's offering of an ethno-nationalist vision on steroids? In this TV Show Series, Sophie is bringing us the short view of Malaysian story and taking a deeper look into the new Malaysia alignments, together with the risk of restoration.

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Let's Talk: Looking at Malaysia - A Systematic Approach

First Broadcast on Astro Awani

- 7 May, 2019 -

Does looking at the periphery of our country and society tell us about where we are headed nationally? Why do the conversations we have need to be supplemented with systematic research about the country? This show reveals the gap in understanding of Malaysia together with the contributor of Volume III, anthropologist Vilashini Somiah from IMAN Research.

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Exploring Politics: Why Malaysia?

With Asia-Pacific Research Center

- January, 2019 -

Discuss the origins of her interest in Malaysia, the country's May 2018 electoral revolution and the prospects of its new governing coalition, what it was like to follow the Mahathir's election campaign, and some of her current projects.

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Malaysian King Grants Former Deputy PM Anwar Ibrahim Full Pardon

With CNBC International TV

- May, 2018-

Here comes a short discussion on what's next for the Malaysian politician with CNBC's Sri Jegarajah.

Researcher: Ultra-Malays would be feminists if paid enough

With KiniTV

- January, 2015 -

Sophie believes those who pose as ultra-Malays or ultra-nationalists, would easily become feminists, if they were paid enough and could benefit from those in power.

The Politics of Gangsterism in Malaysia

With Durian Asean Radio

- January, 2015 -

What and how it looks on the politics of gangsterism in Malaysia? Check the discussion with Arlene in this interview recordings!

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Program "I Love KL"

With BFM Radio

- July, 2011 -

Invited by our colleagues Sharaad Kutan on his radio program "I love KL!"