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The Malaysian Story

Let's Talk: The Malaysian Story

First Broadcast on Astro Awani

- 8 July, 2019 -

How has the Malaysian story evolved from semi-authoritarian to emerging democracy? What are the emerging dynamics from the new Malaysia politics should the stake-holders be mindful of? How will the Pakatan Harapan coalition negotiate the emergent UMNO-PAS pact's offering of an ethno-nationalist vision on steroids? In this TV Show Series, Sophie is bringing us the short view of Malaysian story and taking a deeper look into the new Malaysia alignments, together with the risk of restoration.

Sources: Astro Awani

Watch the TV Show in parts!

Part 1

What is the Malaysian Story?

Part 2

Malaysia Baharu - New Alignments?

Part 3

Malaysia Baharu - Risk of Restoration?