Sophie Lemière

Political Anthropologist, Researcher, Consultant and Social Entrepreneur.

Sophie Lemière’s research focuses mainly on Malaysia and Southeast Asia since 2006. She has also conducted extensive research in post-revolutionary Tunisia and the Caribbean region. She obtained her Master’s and PhD from Sciences-Po Paris and has received fellowships and grants from prestigious research institutions in Europe, Asia and the US. As of 2021, Sophie is permanently based in Malaysia where she has launched World Wonderers a global non-profit social enterprise for the political empowerment of minorities and SoCo a political consulting firm offering services to private and public entities. She is currently an Associate Fellow at the Asia Research Institute (ARI) at Nottingham University, Malaysia and at the Center for Strategic Research and International Studies (CSIS), in Washington DC.


Photo by: Alexandra Radu


Featured Works

Malaysia: Gangster Boogie, Bosses And Politics

Malaysia: Gangster Boogie, Bosses And Politics

In F.Allum and S.Gilmour, Handbook of Organised Crime and Politics, Chapter 26 Edward Elgar 29 March, 2019 This chapter focuses specifically on the relationship between the organisation PEKIDA and its satellites, and the former ruling party UMNO (1957-2018). It...

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Spotlight – Malaysia: November 23, 2021

On October 4, the state legislative assembly of Melaka in the south of Malaysia was dissolved and the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO)-led government collapsed after four members of the assembly, including two members of UMNO, withdrew their support for the...

Spotlight – Malaysia: November 12, 2021

The successful trans woman entrepreneur Nur Sajat, hunted by the Malaysian police since January and harassed for several years, has finally reached Australia where she obtained asylum last month. Nur Sajat was under warrant of arrest to face charges in the Islamic...

Spotlight – Malaysia: October 1, 2021

Over the past month Malaysia has witnessed great political change… almost. The resignation of Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin came after months of tensions between the government and the palace. Parliament had been suspended amid the state of emergency declared in...

Malaysia’s political pendulum has already swung back to Umno. Is Muhyiddin next?

The country has a new prime minister in Ismail Sabri, but its cabinet is mostly the same as Muhyiddin’s – signalling a return to conservative Malay politics The former premier’s position heading the National Recovery Council is another sign of his survival instinct....